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AthleteFC is an app bringing together aspiring athletes with the very best in sport. Through a website app, users can sign up for 1:1 or 1:many video session to chat with Olympians, world champions and sporting legends.

Live Project

AthleteFC approached us for a range of services including support in the final touches of their application. With their own developer on the team capable of making coding changes, The Launch Agency's role in this project was more to provide guidance and direction in implementing best practices in user experience (UX) and design feedback in the user interface (UI).

While the backbone of the app was already in place, we work remotely with this global company via peer-programming to refine the user interface of the app, injecting their brand identify into the interface. Special attention was given to uniformity and consistency in the interface— for example through the use of SVG icon libraries to replace custom PNG images and better contrast between interactive elements and whitespace on the page.

Being a web application written in Angular, a big part of the job was to ensure better desktop development, as although the app was developed mobile first, no desktop optimisation had ever been completed.

Alongside the consulting work, our website development team also built out a fully custom, dynamic website to act as both a landing page for the marketing activity, and as a full directory for their list of athletes. This is based on a robust content management system (CMS) to which the client can add new clients as required. This will act as a great starting point while a fully integrated directory can be developed that plugs into their existing Angular framework.

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