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A curated collection of Scandinavian-inspired homeware and interior decor.Langton and Co was created to bring the elegance of modern nordic interior design to your home, their product range represents simple luxury, neutral tones and refreshing minimalist designs. Langton and co was founded in New Zealand but currently works with suppliers around the world to find specific products that speak to their vision. Embracing the new technology with a fully online store to provide their customers from around the world with the latest designer pieces and carefully selected collections.

Live Project

A carefully selected grid.

Langton & Co’s social media management journey has been predominantly focused on creating a cohesive feed with featured content of similar tones, textures and styles. We began highlighting brands and accounts that share similar interior decor styles to attract the attention of our niche audience, slowly integrating Langton & Co's products into the feed. Our goal for their social media strategy is to increase awareness and direct traffic to their website, which is done through photos and short-form video content shared on their Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest accounts.

Alongside our support in social media management, our ecommerce development team are in the process of developing a custom online store for Langton & Co.

Branding with style

It was clear from the start that the Langton & Co. branding would have a beautiful modern style towards it. Of which fits in with the trends floating around we have seen as of late. Taking Scandinavian-inspired home-wear and interior decor into consideration when looking at specifically letter forms, colour phycology and overall placement of symbolic branding attributes. Our designers worked closely with the team at L&C and have created something they are not only proud to have their name on, but also believe fits with exactly with how they would like to be seen.

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