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e have a team spread across the country ready to support trusted, ambitious business grow in the digital space.
In a post-Covid world, physical location is no longer a restraint. We can travel to you for content shoots and jump on Zoom calls. Prefer to meet up in person? Check out who's in your region below and we can meet up for a coffee!


Creative Team

Co-owner Jonas comes from a strong enterprise level, ecommerce website development background having previously worked for Shopify with the Plus Frontend Development team. Not bound just to ecommerce, Jonas has experience developing across a range of tech stacks and frameworks and now leads the Website team at Launch.
Head of Development

Jonas Henehan

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Meet Jin, the newest addition to the development team! With a degree in product design and a passion for designing good user experiences, Jin is eager to work hard and make a positive impact at Launch. Whenever he's not working hard at Launch, you can catch him shooting some hoops 🏀
UX/UI Designer

Jin Yook

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