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Our team are hard working individuals who are passionate about creative digital connections with business. The Launch Agency New Zealand.

Our team

It was always a dream of Ben's to one day build a high-perfoming team with an un-matched culture within it. Ben's background as an elite athlete over the past decade has taught him about the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people when working to- wards your goals. The Launch Agency was born as a company that not only brings together market leaders in their respective fields, but individuals with the same goal in mind - to provide immense value to New Zealand Business‘s through building genuine and lasting relationships.

Ben Langton Burnell

CEO & Founder

An expert in business growth and digital marketing, Kiran has specialised in building companies for over a decade. During this time, he has managed technical teams and spearheaded projects to success in both the private and public sectors, working across e-commerce, government, healthcare, education, IT and fintech. Bringing his entrepreneurial flair to the table, Kiran typically manages strategy for sales, marketing, product development, and operations. Kiran specialises in commercial and acquisition strategy to accelerate growth for businesses.

Kiran King

Australian CEO

Managing over $70M NZD in paid media spend (with no kickbacks from Zuckerberg so far), generating over $100M NZD in D2C revenue across 9 different regions from over 100 different e-commerce brands across almost every category imaginable. How I got here from being an event manager, organising and marketing Arts & Culture events like the Comedy Festival, to hosting my own gigs - I’m not 100% sure but 2 things contributed significantly:

1 An incredible network of marketers, mentors and business minds to learn from. 

2 A mindset to test lots (and i mean lots), take risks, fail and learn quickly. 

Trijah Maharaj


With a background in psychology, marketing and public relations, Brodie provides our team with a unique perspective. She is known around the office for her excellent organisational and problem-solving skills that assist her when streamlining processes and improving team efficiency. Brodie’s natural leadership skills, effective communication, and passion allows her to motivate and lead The Launch Agency team to success!

Brodie Cotter

Operations Manager

With over 7 years in the industry, Jamie is your go-to man for anything paid! Whether you’re looking to fill your pipeline with more highly qualified leads, or effectively scale your E-com store, Jamie is your go-to! By applying his wealth of knowledge and experience, Jamie is an all-rounded expert in Meta, Google and TikTok ads with the results to prove it! Whether your an establish business or looking to build your business from the ground up, Jamie has got you sorted.

Jamie Creswell

Head of Digital

Paige is our Lead Graphic Designer and Head of our Design Team, orchestrating the efforts of our talented designers who play a pivotal role in delivering all visual communications. Paige sets a standard of excellence that reverberates throughout our creative domain!

With extensive industry knowledge and an adaptable skill set, she navigates a wide range of creative tasks. From social media design, web design, and branding, to product and brand photography, Paige's knack for visual communication shines through in every project she takes on!

Paige Williams

Head of Design

Meet Fernanda, our Senior Social Media Manager who leads our social media team with passion and creativity. Thanks to her love for online shopping and TikTok, she has an eye for the latest trends and is all about crafting engaging, trendsetting content that speaks directly to our audience’s minds. She also has a good eye for noticing the little things that make a big difference, pouring her perfectionism and precision into every project to help our clients shine.

Fernanda Schmidt

Senior Social Media Manager

Jesse is a senior content creator/lead animator with a keen eye for creativity. With 6+ years in visual marketing, he’s worked with a vast range of clients over his career. Jesse is your go to guy for all things content, especially motion graphics and animation, creating stand out photos and video. When he’s not smashing it on the tools, you’ll find him on his motorcycle going for long cruises, filming his adventures or enjoying a coffee in Raglan, catching the sunset.

Jesse Crawford

Senior Content Creator

Meet Laura Gilbert, our Content Production Manager, who serves as the driving force behind our content creation department. Adept at managing client requests and fostering an environment where creativity flourishes, Laura excels in keeping it cool amid the chaos. With a firm belief in the influence of meaningful marketing, she is passionate about shaping a brighter future for communities everywhere.

Laura Gilbert

Content Production Manager

Meet Nathan, a graphic designer and creative enthusiast with an eye for aesthetics. Nathan’s journey at The Launch Agency began as an internship, and he has worked his way to a full-time spot on the design team.

His passion for art and bold colours mirrors his light-hearted and vibrant personality. Nathan plays an integral role in the development and delivery of our social media, graphics, and ad designs for our clientele.

Nathan is always eager to learn new skills and utilises them to better express aesthetic visuals across his range of work.

Nathan Wilson

Graphic Designer

Finn started his journey at Launch as an intern and decided to stick around to create some more content with the rest of the team. Finn brings his love for the outdoors and adventure into all his work, trying to add a little spice to take his content to the next level.

Finn Myles

Wana is our Project Manager extraordinaire spending the last 8 years working across streamlining processes, process improvement ,and creating long-lasting mutual collaborations. Champion of project & change management, transforming challenges into stepping stones for success. Fluent in the art of effective communication, bridging gaps and ensuring clarity in every endeavour. Skilled at working with highly motivated individuals, unlocking their full potential, and fostering a culture of excellence. Ready to navigate complexities, inspire greatness, and deliver outstanding results.

Wana King

Project manager

Drawing upon his extensive expertise in sports photography and videography, Joe enriches our content team with a unique perspective to the world of visual storytelling. Having honed his craft within the dynamic sports industry, Joe has captured iconic moments, including photographing the New Zealand Black Ferns and filming for Waikato Rugby. Whether it’s capturing impactful stills, high-production videos or bringing things to life through animation, Joe consistently demonstrates his mastery in translating his creative vision into captivating visuals, all through the lens of his camera.

Joe Harcourt

With 8 years of experience in video production, Logan has had the privilege of working on diverse projects that span from iconic children’s shows like Sesame Street to corporate giants like Microsoft. Logan’s journey has taken him through the intricate details of live event coverage, commercial shoots, and everything in between. Whether it’s creating cinematic masterpieces or infusing high-energy vibes into their work, Logan thrives on bringing ideas to life through the lens.

Logan Haliburton

Recently graduated with a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Marketing and Strategic Management Georgie has finished her internship and is now a social media manager. Georgie loves all things social media and marketing and looks forward to bringing her passion into her job

Georgie Heeney

Social media manager

Jacques blurs the line between social media manager and content creator. With experience in both fields, he found his passion for crafting thoughtful and personalised strategies for all his clients. The only things that surpasses his love for that, is Manchester United and more recently, Chai Lattes

Jacques du Plessis

Social media manager & Content creator

I have over 20+ years experience in graphic design, digital marketing, website development & website SEO. Web search engine optimisation has naturally become a real standout passion of mine throughout the years. I love the very real impact I can have on businesses by getting more eyes on their services, products and information on the world wide web. I am able to combine years of experience and skills into this and it is really fulfilling.

Simon Hankins

SEO Expert

Creating content is my passion and I wouldn't have it any other way. The name beanstalk has been my nickname from a young age. With what I do, it's all about catching that moment. So when I'm looking down the lens, not only do I take the shot, I tell the story.

Jack Ellis

Content Creator

Helene’s one of the designers behind all your graphic design needs, she creates visual concepts both physically and digitally, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform and expand businesses. Anything from branding, publication, stationary roll out, motion graphics, advertisements, packaging and social media content.. the whole shabam! She also has a pretty handy eye for detail behind the camera as well.

Hèléne Nihotte

Graphic Designer

Meet Jin, our Webflow designer! With a degree in product design and a passion for designing good user experiences, Jin is eager to work hard and make a positive impact at Launch. Whenever he's not working hard at Launch, you can catch him shooting some hoops 🏀

Jin Yook

UX/UI Designer

Larry is a web developer who primarily focuses on Shopify development. He is reliable in the web development process and implements best practices, particularly in site speed optimization to make stores as fast as possible. Aside from Shopify, he also enjoys exploring new development technologies and trends.


Shopify Developer

Olivia is a Web Designer with 5 years of hands-on experience in various design roles, including Graphic Design, Digital Design, and UX/UI. She is driven by the challenge of solving problems through innovative design solutions that go beyond aesthetic. Her passion lies in crafting visually stunning and thoughtful user experiences that have a lasting impact and delight customers. When she’s not in Figma, you’ll find her parked up with a matcha in hand (martini if it’s a Friday arvo), or trying to beat her running pace on Strava.


Web Designer

Randall is a seasoned photo editor who’s been transforming visuals since 2015. He specializes in colour correction, photo manipulation, and colour grading. Over the years, Randall has collaborated with a diverse array of clients, bringing their unique visions to life.

When he's not perfecting images, you'll find Randall on the tennis court or brewing a perfect cup of specialty coffee.

Randall Gabriel Nicolas

Photo Editor


Content Creator

Grace Archer

Digital Marketer

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