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e are an inspired, creative-led team of hard working individuals that don’t like to take themselves too seriously. We live and breathe what we do whether that be throwing javelins, rowing lengths, surfing mellow on the coast or swinging clubs at our in-house driving range. Most importantly we thrive off of expressing our creativity! With a team based all around the country who excel in their respective creative fields, we look forward to making connections beyond our front door.

We do...
  • Have a pretty epic studio in our new office!
  • Borderline drink too much coffee
  • Make too many TikToks
  • Believe in-spite of how much fun we have, we are the hardest working creatives in the game.

"There is no magic formula to write perfect ad copy. It is based on a number of factors"

Our Approach
Who We Are

Creative Team

It was always a dream of Ben's to one day build a high-perfoming team with an un-matched culture within it. Ben's background as an elite athlete over the past decade has taught him about the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people when working to- wards your goals. The Launch Agency was born as a company that not only brings together market leaders in their respective fields, but individuals with the same goal in mind - to provide immense value to New Zealand Business‘s through building genuine and lasting relationships.
The Boss Man
Ben Langton-Burnell
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Co-owner Jonas comes from a strong enterprise level, ecommerce website development background having previously worked for Shopify with the Plus Frontend Development team. Not bound just to ecommerce, Jonas has experience developing across a range of tech stacks and frameworks and now leads the Website team at Launch.
Head of Development
Jonas Henehan
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Co-owner Jamie has been in the marketing industry for 6 years helping businesses grow in a wide variety of contexts from ecommerce stores to restaurants to real estate. My favourite hobby?… running retargeting campaigns!
The Marketing Legend
Jamie Creswell
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With a background in psychology, marketing and public relations, Brodie provides our team with a unique perspective. She is known around the office for her excellent organisational and problem-solving skills that assist her when streamlining processes and improving team efficiency. Brodie’s natural leadership skills, effective communication, and passion allows her to motivate and lead The Launch Agency team to success!
Operations Manager
Brodie Cotter
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Fernanda is one of our in-house social media specialists with a passion for creating unique videos and creative grids for her client. She leverages from her online shopping addiction to keep up with the latest trends. She is a whizz at coming up with fresh and unique ideas for her diverse range of clients. This ensures her clients social media platforms are perfect, perfect perfect.
Social Media TikTok Icon
Fernanda Schmidt
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Marketing Content Weapon
Jesse Crawford
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Paige is our go-to girl for all things social media design, just ask the socials girls. But, as a skilled graphic designer, you'll find her working on a variety of creative projects such as web design, branding, illustration, & product photography. She is a natural visual communicator and this is expressed in all her work!
Digital Visionary
Paige Williams
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Katie finessed her way into the Launch Agency through her love of TikTok and her creatively driven mindset. On a daily basis, Katie is juggling communications and copywriting, building her content creation skills, and creatively directing shoots to develop short-form videos. Her innovative mindset allows her to elevate normal content into something that will differentiate her clients from others.
Social Media Selfie Queen
Katie Begbie
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Christina has upgraded her status from Launch intern to Social Media Manager. After 4 years of studying Bachelor of Communications, majoring in Marketing, and doing her postgraduate diploma, Christina found a love for everything social media marketing and hasn’t looked back since. Her creativity and social skills go hand-in-hand, and she values the relationships she builds with her clients. Christina is always looking to advance her knowledge and skills in her career but always makes sure she’s having fun whilst doing it.
Social Media Manager
Christina Beker
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Meet Jin, the newest addition to the development team! With a degree in product design and a passion for designing good user experiences, Jin is eager to work hard and make a positive impact at Launch. Whenever he's not working hard at Launch, you can catch him shooting some hoops 🏀
UX/UI Designer
Jin Yook
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Helene dabbles in all your graphic design needs, she creates visual concepts both physically and digitally, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform and expand businesses. Anything from branding, publication, stationary roll out, motion graphics, advertisements, packaging and illustrative features.. the whole shabam! shes also apart of our web design team & has a handy eye for detail behind the camera as well.
The Creative Whiz
Hèléne Nihotte
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Content Creator
Rhayvon Mihaere
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Simon is a SEO Guru who has learnt his craft while waist deep in the WWW. He loves to get results for clientele and goes above and beyond the call of duty. Search Engine Optimisation for business websites is a nerdy passion of his and Simon gets excited when he improves a website’s SEO and get real world outcomes.
The SEO Guru
Simon Hankins
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Creating content is my passion and I wouldn't have it any other way. The name beanstalk has been my nickname from a young age. With what I do, it's all about catching that moment. So when I'm looking down the lens, not only do I take the shot, I tell the story.
Content Creator
Jack Ellis
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Content Creator
Lily Cawood
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Content Creator
Hannah Fromont
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Senior Developer
Stu Farquhar
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Yeah he does photo and video too
The Man Behind the Lens
Cam Webster
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Happy Clients
Years Expreience
Our Process

How We Work


Scoping your project

A successful project requires a full understanding of your business needs. We begin all projects by fully scoping the requirements and approach to take.

Strategy & Research

With a clear understanding of your project's needs, we can begin actioning. Through careful market research and strategising, we can build out a pathway forward to bring you the best possible results.


With a full understanding of your project we can begin doing what we do best—creating. Whether it's developing your next website, crafting branding guidelines, capturing content for your business or executing a marketing strategy, we ensure bring our best creative selves to the table.


It's not often the first version is perfect. Whether it's design iterations of your new logo or optimising your marketing strategy, we work with you to refine our work based on feedback from our clients and team.


With the final touches in place you're ready to launch! We work with you to provide ongoing support both during your launch, and post-launch. Whether that's scaling up marketing or pumping out social media content, we'll be right there with you.
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The marketing may be in the form of a regular news item or half column society news.

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Social Media

The What, Where, When and How of UGC

Never before have your customers been so quick to skip past anything that remotely resembles an ad. This is increasing as the human attention span decreases. Nowadays, when people come across anything slightly resembling an ad, they’re very dismissive, and this can be decided between 1-4 seconds. ‍So, how do you ensure your business makes the cut and produces quality content?

Perfecting Your Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the process of increasing the percentage of visitors to your website who take some desired action—this could be anything from buying a product from an ecommerce store to filling out a contact form to claim a free quote for your business. CRO involved understanding how users interact with your site, their journey, and identifying hurdles they face along the way.
Social Media

What Social Media Platforms Are Right For Me and My Business?

It’s no secret that social media marketing can be a great tool in developing brand awareness. Over the past five years we have seen a steady increase in the number of active users of social media in New Zealand. Nowadays, around 82% of New Zealanders are considered active users of social media.

Benefits of SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the many vital tools to optimise your business’s website. Essentially search engine optimisation is making your website rank higher than others on a search engine results page, which is essentially the page that pops up when you google something.
Social Media

TikTok vs. Instagram Reels

TikTok. You may have heard this more often than not in the past few years, especially with the global pandemic that we are all living in. As a result, more and more people have turned to this social media platform to keep themselves entertained and occupied when there has been nothing else to do but isolate themselves.
The Hamilton based Launch Agency team
Jamie our head of marketing
Helene, Fernanda and Brodie on location


The Launch Team out for a team event
The content creation team on set at Mavis & Co
The content creation team on set with a client