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Bringing together authentic influencers and exceptional brands, our team has successfully executed over 50+ influencer marketing campaigns. With access to hundreds of the country's top creators, we ensure impactful and engaging collaborations.
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How we work

Bringing together authentic influencers and exceptional brands, our team has successfully executed over 50+ influencer marketing campaigns. With access to hundreds of the country's top creators, we ensure impactful and engaging collaborations.

Why Infuencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a powerful strategy that connects your brand with trusted voices in your industry. By leveraging the reach and authenticity of influencers, you can engage with your target audience in a genuine and impactful way. Our expert team taps into a network of top creators, crafting campaigns that boost brand awareness, drive engagement, and increase conversions. Discover how influencer marketing can transform your brand's presence and foster meaningful connections with your audience.

Access to influencers

With access to hundreds of local and global creators, we are able to help partner great brands with authentic individuals.

Scroll Stop Rates

Maximise your content's impact with our strategies to improve scroll stop rates. By creating visually captivating and engaging content, we ensure your audience pauses and interacts, boosting overall engagement and conversion rates. On average, UGC and influencer marketing campaigns see upwards of a 20% increase in scroll stop rates.

Global reach

If you are looking to expand your business into overseas markets, our team have scaled 15 brands into overseas markets with extensive experience working with overseas creators and influencers.

“Awesome team to work with. Their passion clearly comes across in their work. I have worked with the team on 2 of my businesses and have been super satisfied with the outcomes and look forward to working on some cool content creation soon.”

Taran Machra


Laser Eye Centre
"We were lucky enough to meet Ben and his amazing team earlier this year, and our ongoing journey with them is very rewarding for our business. The amazing customer service and day to day communication from our key contacts (Finlay, Jamie, Michelle & Laura) is a credit to The Launch Agency. Thank You so much team for taking our brand exposure to the next level."

Laser Eye Centre

Pragma Homes
"Since The Launch Agency took control of our marketing needs in March this year, we've seen some amazing results and wonderful feedback from our clients. The great communication and energy from every staff member I've dealt with at Launch, make working with them only a pleasure. Their creativity and attention to detail, together with their reporting process is top class. I would highly recommend this vibrant company. "

Hanes Hayward


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What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that involves leveraging individuals with a dedicated and engaged following on social media platforms to promote products or services. Influencers typically have credibility and influence over their audience's purchasing decisions.

How does it work?

Influencer marketing works by collaborating with influencers to create and share content that showcases your brand or product to their followers. This content can take various forms, including sponsored posts, reviews, giveaways, or endorsements, depending on the campaign objectives.

How can influencer marketing help my brand?

Influencer marketing can help your brand by increasing brand awareness, reaching new audiences, driving engagement, and ultimately boosting sales and conversions. It allows you to tap into the trust and credibility that influencers have built with their followers.

How can Launch help with my influencer marketing?

Launch can help with your influencer marketing efforts by strategizing, identifying suitable influencers, managing campaigns, and measuring results. We ensure seamless collaboration with influencers to achieve your marketing objectives effectively.

How do you choose the right influencers for a campaign?

We choose influencers based on factors such as audience demographics, engagement rates, relevance to your brand, and alignment with your brand values and messaging. We conduct thorough research and vetting to ensure the influencers we work with are the right fit for your campaign.

How does influencer marketing fit into a broader digital marketing strategy?

Influencer marketing complements other digital marketing efforts by amplifying reach, enhancing credibility, and driving engagement. It can be integrated with content marketing, social media marketing, and paid advertising to create a comprehensive and cohesive marketing strategy.

What types of content can influencers create?

Influencers can create various types of content, including sponsored posts, product reviews, unboxing videos, tutorials, live streams, and behind-the-scenes glimpses. The type of content depends on the campaign goals, target audience, and the influencer's expertise.

What distinguishes micro-influencers from macro-influencers?

Micro-influencers have smaller but highly engaged audiences within specific niche communities, while macro-influencers have larger followings and broader reach across multiple demographics. Micro-influencers often offer higher engagement rates and more targeted audience segments.

What is the typical cost of an influencer marketing campaign?

The cost of an influencer marketing campaign varies widely depending on factors such as the influencer's reach, engagement rates, content requirements, and campaign duration. Costs can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per post or collaboration.

What is an influencer campaign brief and why is it important?

An influencer campaign brief is a document that outlines the campaign objectives, messaging guidelines, content requirements, deliverables, and any other relevant details for the influencer. It ensures alignment between the brand and the influencer and sets clear expectations for the collaboration.

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