October 2021

Benefits of SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO)  is one of the many vital tools to optimise your business’s website. Essentially search engine optimisation is making your website rank higher than others on a search engine results page, which is essentially the page that pops up when you google something. There are many benefits to utilising search engine optimisation, that can help take your business and website to the next level!

Competitive advantage

The first benefit that SEO has is the competitive advantage that it offers. In today’s society,  competition in business is fierce, having any sort of advantage can separate you from your competition and be very beneficial for your business. Results on the first page of a Google search get over 90% of traffic. This statistic shows that you have a significant advantage in making use of SEO and ensuring that your website link is on the very first page. 61% of marketers say that improving business SEO is a top priority and essential,  which we here at The Launch Agency can help you with!

Boosts credibility

Another benefit of SEO is that it boosts your brand’s credibility. Majority of the users who search on google do not move onto page two of the search results, in fact, 75% of people don’t. If your website ranks higher in the search results, it creates a sense that the website is trustworthy and of high value. Google ranks your website on a lot of factors such as site speed and the content that is on your website. So ensure that your website is looking good and of high quality in all aspects.

Increased traffic toward your website

Increased traffic to your website is another key benefit of SEO. In a recent study, it was found that the majority of website traffic across a large range of industries comes from search engines such as Google.  By ranking in the top search results people are more likely to click through to your website simply because it is one of the top search results. Using keywords and relevant pages also helps with this because just think, how many times have you forgotten the name of something and just typed in google one or two words that you remember? If SEO is done well, your page will still show up for these people, which increases the traffic to your website.

More clicks than PPC

Yes, you read that right!, SEO generates more clicks through to a website than PPC ( Pay per click )  does. PPC is essentially when the advertiser pays the publisher for every time their advert is clicked on. The average cost per click price is $2.32USD ( $3.58 NZD) So when you think about it, PPC can get quite expensive, quite quickly. However, SEO on the other hand actually outperforms PPC. A study has shown that 71.33% of traffic on page 1 of a google search was an organic click, not a PPC one. This shows that if done well, SEO can actually outperform pay per click advertising and once you are at the top of the search results, you simply have to keep your website quality high to ensure you stay there.

Measure results

Measuring results is important for businesses to see where about they rank and what changes they can make to ensure that they can stay relevant with their SEO. By utilising SEO you are able to measure results thanks to google analytics. These analytics include how many people have viewed your website, what were the keywords that got them to your website, how they spend their time on your website and whether or not they purchase something or not , as well as so much more! This is a benefit of SEO as it can help you improve your website and make changes to get the best out of your website to accommodate your customers wants and needs  and make sure that you stay relevant in their Google searches.

SEO can be a key tool in your arsenal to further enhance your business and its growth. But it can be tricky to know exactly how to optimise it to get the best results possible. If this is something you or someone you know is thinking about benefiting from but don’t know how to start, don’t be shy and get in touch with the team today to see how we can help you reach that next level for your business.