Compelling visual storytelling that resonates with a diverse, local audience

What we did

GEA, standing as one of the world’s largest suppliers for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical sectors, sought to elevate their content creation for the New Zealand dairy industry. The challenge was to produce high-production content that could seamlessly integrate across their website, social media channels, and various marketing platforms. The goal was to craft content that not only showcased their technological prowess but also told compelling stories, resonating with their diverse audience.

Working hand-in-hand with GEA’s internal marketing team, The Launch Agency embarked on a journey to create a myriad of content pieces, including high-production brand videos, farmers’ stories, and animated product videos

Our Approach

Close Collaboration:
Establishing a symbiotic relationship with GEA’s internal marketing team, we delved deep into understanding the brand’s ethos, the stories they wanted to tell, and the impact they aimed to create.

Diverse Content Creation:
Crafting a variety of content pieces, we aimed to showcase the multifaceted nature of GEA, highlighting their contributions to the dairy industry through farmers’ stories, showcasing their products through animated videos, and building their brand image through high-production videos.

Blending Technology with Storytelling:
At the core of our approach was the amalgamation of technology and storytelling. We leveraged cutting-edge technology to create cinematic content that not only showcased GEA’s technological advancements but also wove compelling narratives that resonated with the audience.

Our Results

The end product of our collaboration with GEA is a testament to the power of blending technology with storytelling. Here’s a glimpse into the impact:

Cinematic Content Creation:
The content pieces crafted are characterized by their high-quality cinematic nature, showcasing GEA’s technological prowess in the industry while telling captivating stories that engage the audience.

Diverse Storytelling:
From farmers’ stories that showcase the human aspect of the dairy industry to animated product videos that highlight GEA’s innovations, the diverse content pieces have successfully painted a holistic picture of the brand.

Enhanced Brand Image:
The integration of this high-production content across various platforms has significantly enhanced GEA’s brand image, showcasing them as industry leaders who seamlessly blend technology with human narratives.

Audience Engagement:
The compelling narratives woven into each content piece have successfully engaged diverse audiences, fostering a deeper connection between GEA and their stakeholders in the dairy industry.

Next Steps

Our journey with GEA exemplifies the transformative power of combining technological innovation with compelling storytelling. Through close collaboration and a diverse content strategy, we have crafted cinematic narratives that not only highlight GEA’s industry leadership but also resonate deeply with their audience, fostering engagement and enhancing their brand image across multiple platforms.

global launch

GEA Rotary Cowshed

We partnered with GEA to produce a captivating launch video for the T8500 Rotary Cowshed. Our team crafted a bespoke video that combined high production value with advanced 3D animation to highlight the cowshed’s innovative features. Working closely with the GEA team, we ensured the video accurately showcased the product's capabilities and benefits. This high-impact video was a key element of the global launch at the end of 2023, effectively engaging and informing potential customers worldwide about the T8500’s revolutionary advancements in dairy farming.

We produced the global launch video for GEA's new state-of-the-art cowshed.

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