How we helped SwoleFoods increase sales by over 50% YOY

What we did
COntent creation
Social Media Marketing
Google Advertising
Influencer Marketing

Swolefoods, a leading ready-made meal company in New Zealand, partnered with us to elevate their digital presence. Initially, our founder Ben created content for the brand. Later, Swolefoods engaged us for Meta ads, Google ads, and SEO services, which led to significant growth and a high ROI.

Increase in YOY sales
12 x average return on investment (paid campaigns)

Our Approach

To maximize Swolefoods' market impact, we implemented advanced funnel structures and best practice tactics, including a comprehensive content testing framework. This approach was specifically tailored to optimise online advertising effectiveness and enhance search engine optimisation. We prioritised high-converting ad placements and continuous keyword optimisation to ensure that each campaign would significantly boost their online visibility and engagement.

Our Results

Our strategic advertising and SEO efforts have been incredibly successful, delivering a year-over-year growth of over 50% and an average Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) above 12. Furthermore, we achieved a remarkable 100% increase in sales attributed to organic Google searches. These results highlight our ability to effectively leverage digital channels for substantial growth.

Next Steps

We are committed to extending our successful partnership with Swolefoods. Our next major project involves developing a new Shopify website to further streamline their e-commerce operations. Additionally, we will continue refining our advertising strategies and expanding our content testing framework to keep up with market trends and maintain the growth trajectory.

We helped grow Swolefoods YOY revenue by 50%

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