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HINE Collection, a renowned women’s clothing brand in New Zealand, specializes in creating inspiring clothing for all sizes. The brand sought to enhance its digital presence through engaging content and optimize its performance marketing campaigns. The challenge was to maintain a balance between capturing the essence of the brand through content and driving tangible results through performance marketing, all while fostering a strong community around the brand.

Our collaboration with HINE Collection was multifaceted, focusing on content creation, performance marketing, and community building.

ROAS achieved across all platforms
Overseas expansion campaign succesfully completed

Our Approach

Engaging Content Creation:
We worked closely with HINE Collection to capture content that resonated with the brand’s ethos and appealed to their diverse audience. This involved creating visually engaging and inspiring content that showcased the brand’s unique offerings.

Performance Marketing Campaigns:
Implementing comprehensive performance marketing strategies, we managed Google advertising, Meta advertising, and planned user-generated campaigns to drive traffic and conversions. Our goal was to optimize these campaigns to yield the highest return on investment.

Community Building and LTV Strategies:
Recognizing the power of a strong community, we collaborated with the brand to enhance their Lifetime Value (LTV) strategies. Fostering a powerful community became a cornerstone for the brand, contributing significantly to its growth.

Our Results

Our strategic approach has yielded impressive results, showcasing a harmonious blend of content, community, and conversions:

Impressive ROAS:
Since our collaboration, we have generated an average Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) of 20, demonstrating the effectiveness of the performance marketing strategies implemented.

Strong Community Foundation:
Working alongside HINE Collection, we have successfully fostered a powerful community around the brand. This community has become a fundamental aspect of the brand’s identity, contributing to its overall success.

Refined Content Strategy:
Our continuous efforts in refining the content strategy have ensured that the brand’s message remains engaging and relevant, supporting the brand’s growth both in New Zealand and overseas.

Next Steps

Our journey with HINE Collection exemplifies the impact of a well-rounded approach that combines engaging content with optimized performance marketing and community building. The results speak for themselves, showcasing the brand’s growth and the establishment of a strong community, setting the stage for further expansion and success.

As we move forward, our focus is to continue refining the content strategy and support HINE Collection’s growth aspirations both domestically and internationally. By maintaining a balance between engaging content, optimized performance marketing, and a strong community, we aim to propel HINE Collection to new heights of success.

We helped HINE Collection enter an overseas market

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