Shopify Design and Development

Launching the digital chapter of your commerce business

Selling online has never been easier with the power of e-commerce solutions like Shopify, but migrating online can be an overwhelming experience. People are spending billions of dollars every year online, and pivoting to support online sales can allow you to tap into new customers at a whole other scale.

At The Launch Agency, we have a team of Shopify specialists who are here to remove layers of friction and ease the process of moving online. Great e-commerce solutions are built to suit your existing brand identity in a way that allows you to engage with new customers, ease their buying journey, and streamline conversions.

Enterprise Level Support

The world's fastest growing businesses trust Shopify Plus

When it comes to enterprise-level e-commerce, there’s no solution quite like Shopify’s Plus platform. Trusted by businesses like Allbirds, Bailey Nelson, Kowtow and Patagonia, Shopify Plus allows you to leave your legacy ecommerce solutions behind and step into the future generation of online selling.

Our in-house developers have a deep knowledge base and expertise in the Shopify Plus platform and can help you build custom solutions like product bundles, discounts, and custom shipping configuration. Need to personalise your checkout? Want to run field validation on customer addresses at checkout? We can help you find the best solution for your enterprise.

Escape the mundane with custom front-end development

Shopify’s website templates themes allow for a quick way to build out a beautiful online presence but building within a strict template can be frustrating and limiting. With The Launch Agency’s experienced developers you can step outside the limitations of a standard theme and inject your brand’s unique design language into your online store.We can work with you to scope out, design, action, develop, test and launch custom online features, functions and customisations. Your ideas will be brought to life and take form on your website with attention to detail in User Experience (UX), branding, design language and modern frontend practices.

Shopify Development Services

Store Setup

Our team of Shopify experts have an unparalleled level of experience with the ins and outs of setting up a new Shopify store. Whether you’re a brick & mortar store looking to expand into the ecommerce space, or already online and looking to migrate to the Shopify platform, our team can be there to support you along the way.

From custom theme builds, to content writing, product photography, and entire store setups from scratch, the e-commerce team at The Launch Agency has got you covered.

Custom Development

No one likes a cookie cutter theme template. Stand out from the crowd with custom layouts, features, & functionality. Whether the layout of your product page isn’t quite to your liking, or you need a custom AJAX free shipping banner that dynamically updates as customers shop, we can provide the support and guidance to develop these solutions

Our Shopify developer experience working with Shopify Plus merchants and can support enterprise level businesses in developing the checkout, or implement custom Ruby Shopify Scripts to handle custom discounts, shipping rate modifications and more!


The internet is a fragile place. Just like a retail store can be affected by floods, fires, earthquakes and break-ins, so too can an e-commerce store be impacted by unforeseen issues. Our Shopify developer has intimate knowledge of the platform and many of the problems that may arise.

Whether it’s a sitespeed audit, or a checkout-breaking bug, we can help triage, guide, and even solve your issues.

Marketing & SEO

Looking to expand reach new audiences and increase your conversion rate? Our experienced SEO experts can support you in increasing your search engine visibility, and our Social Media and Marketing teams can help you reach new audiences and drive traffic to your Shopify store.

The Hamilton based Launch Agency team
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