Digital Marketing

Running ads online is not about creating some ads, selecting one or two interests to target, and hoping that it works. A marketing campaign without a clearly planned strategy is a campaign planning to fail. At The Launch Agency, our industry leading digital marketers will dive into your business, identify key areas like your ideal customer, business goals, key target markets, and will provide an in-depth clear strategy of how to increase revenue online. On-top of that with years of knowledge & experience across a variety of industries, our marketers know exactly how to implement that strategy ensuring you get the best return on your investment.

Social Media Marketing

Numbers don’t lie and numbers are where you will see the true value of social media marketing. This is why we put such an emphasis on developing strategies informed by insights. After developing an action plan designed to deliver relevant and engaging content and advertising to your target audience, our team take the mountain of data from social media insights to further evolve your social media marketing strategy, ensuring you are always achieving your goals and maximising return and conversions. Our team also have an extensive amount of experience in developing creative ads that increase brand awareness, website traffic, lead generation, and much more. Our team deploy testing strategies early on, ensuring that your advertising budget is spent on ads proven to come out on top. Simply tell us your advertising goals and we will develop a social media advertising plan that will deliver results.

Our team has an extensive amount of experience in developing creative ads that increase brand awareness, website traffic, lead generation, and much more. Simply tell us your advertising goals and we will develop a social media advertising plan that will deliver results. Our team deploy testing strategies early on, ensuring that your advertising budget is spent on ads proven to come out on top.

There’s no one size fits all strategy for social media, each business will need to adopt their own strategy for social media fit to deliver their desired results. Whether you want to outsource your social media to make your life simpler, or you want a social media strategy developed that you could implement yourself, we want to help you ace the social media game!

Google Ads

We offer full-service Google Ads campaign management from planning to reporting and optimising. It does matter if your business is big or small, Google Ads campaigns are an effective way to advertise. We have staff dedicated to planning, executing and reporting on Google Ads campaigns. We provide the service you need to successfully market your business, products and services to specific target audiences. Every business requires a unique Google ads marketing strategy that is catered to your industry and budget. Our Google Ads campaigns can be included in social media marketing packages or one-off campaigns.

What we love most about Google ads is the wide range of opportunities to reach customers throughout their decision-making process. We can show ads at the top of the funnel through video and display channels to drive brand awareness and consideration. As customers move down the funnel, we can use Google’s re-marketing capabilities to target customers who have previously interacted with your website and entice them to come back with a personalised approach. If your business has or would like to have an e-commerce store, we can use google shopping ads to lead customers directly to your product pages. At all levels of the Google ads funnel, search ads are used with tailored targeting strategies to get the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Our Google Ads Services:

Google Search Ads

We want your business to be top of mind and top of search engine ranking. If your business does not rank within the top half of search results it is significantly less likely to be clicked on. The best thing about Google search ads is that the people we are targeting are already actively searching for a solution for their problems so it is a great time to intercept their customer decision-making process. Get your business at the top of the search results and outrank your competition with The Launch Agency google ads management.

Google Display Ads

Be seen on the internet with Google display ads. The Google display network has over 2 million websites and apps and is the #1 display network, with a reach of 90% of internet users around the world. We use Google display ads to increase brand awareness and reach for our clients, as well as for remarketing campaigns.

YouTube Ads

Drive brand awareness and product consideration with YouTube ads. YouTube is part of the Google display network and is now the largest video sharing website on the internet. Lucky for you we have highly skilled and videographers to create compelling video ads for your brand. We can bring the marketing skills and the cameraman, so all you need to bring is your brand and the products/services that you want to advertise. Get in touch today to learn more.

Google Shopping​

Google shopping is an effective way to advertise products from your e-commerce website. Drive customers to your website who have the intention of purchasing. Google shopping ads appear in the shopping tab on the google search engine and at the top of the google search engine rankings for certain search terms. We target and capture customers who are searching for a specific product and divert them to your website.


Google remarketing ads target customers who have visited your website before but have not purchased from you. We use Google ads remarketing to remind your customers of your brand and entice them to come back to your website. Maximise your return on investment and pick up customers that may have forgotten about you with our Google ad remarketing strategies and campaign management.


SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation but by no means a short task. SEO is an integral part of your website, social media profiles and business directory listings. It enables your website and all other online information to be found on search engines by users looking for your services or products on the internet.

A good standard to work by is to optimise digital web based websites for the Google Search Engine. Google is king when it comes to search traffic and if your website is optimised for Google then you are almost guaranteed it will be optimised for all other search engines (Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, etc).  

As mentioned previously social media profiles such as Facebook and Instagram (Meta), TikTok, YouTube can also be optimised for Google Search Engine searches. It pays to have your website and all associated social media profiles and business directory listings all saying the same thing about your business, services, products, location etc.

Our SEO Services

Website Auditing

We can audit your current website to see how well it has been optimised or how well it hasn’t. We can advise you further on what needs to be done to optimise your website meta data and content to get more search traffic organically (non paid traffic). We look at the market your business is in and we analyse your keywords and optimise your website for those user keyword searches.

On-Page & Meta Content

Once we have audited your website we go through your website on-page content and look at what Google is actually looking for to help those pages rank better and be found easier. We optimise each page for keyword/s so Google knows what your content (headings, body text, images, video) are all about and rank your accordingly. We optimise the page titles and descriptions so Google displays these informative page listings to the searcher. This enables search engines to display the correct search links to the searcher.

Website Page Speed

We go over your page media (images and video) file sizes and optimise those, and the way your pages load in web browsers to load faster. Google loves a fast loading webpage and loading times are very important for user interaction and usability. We also take a look at how the actual website code is working with the web browser and it’s loading speed.

Ongoing SEO Monitoring

We offer ongoing SEO monitoring, SEO consultations and SEO management for you website, social media profiles and business directories. We can work with you on a long term goal with clear strategies. This is to keep your site in top SEO shape, and the content relevant, for Google (and other search engines like Bing) and all those potential customers and users of your website.

Monthly SEO Packages

SEO has no clear beginning or end, but is rather a continually evolving process that needs to be kept on top of to successfully drive traffic to your site and build those conversions.

As your competition builds their search engine visibility, your chances of remaining competitive can start to slip. To ensure this doesn’t happen, continual monitoring and refining of your SEO needs to be done, especially if fresh content is being added to your site!

The Launch Agency’s monthly SEO packages can help keep your edge optimising for maximum search engine visibility through continual support of an account manager.

Each business has unique needs, and our monthly SEO services can adapt to best suit yours. However, most services will include the following:

  • One-time SEO audit when onboarding
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Google Search Console setup
  • Keyword optimisation
  • Keyword ranking monitoring
  • Local SEO optimisations
  • Image SEO
  • Title tag optimisation
  • SEO reporting

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