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Here at The Launch Agency we believe in doing things the right way. Not matter the step you’re in your digital journey, we are here to support you in building your dream online solution. In a world where people are increasingly spending more time in the digital world, choosing the internet over the phone book, it’s more important than ever to not just be where people are looking, but stand out from the crowd. Our team of dedicated website designers and developers understands these needs and can support you in building the online solution to best suit your needs

In a world where cookie-cutter website templates hold you back from standing out, The Launch Agency knows the importance of stepping outside these strict boundaries and injecting your custom brand language. You need a unique website that not only stands out but properly articulates your design language and ethos. Our team of website developers can work with you to create bespoke experiences, with beautiful user interfaces (UI) and seamless, frictionless user experience (UX).

Responsiveness sits at the core of every great site

Two thirds of all website traffic is now on mobile devices. Two thirds… Ensuring your online presence is setup to support the estimated 6 billion smartphone users is central to our philosophy when it comes to website development. We understand the importance and urgency behind ensuring your site remains responsive across any device without compromises in user experience (UX). We take a mobile first approach in our development, with responsiveness best practices at the forefront of our design process.

Website Design & Development Services

Website Rebuilding

Want to bring a fresh look and feel to your site? Our team of dedicated website developers and designers know best practices for modernising your current site. We are familiar with a range of website development platforms so can easily adapt to fit your needs.

Custom Web Development

Whether you’re moving online for the first time, launching a new business, or just want a new site from scratch, our team can support you to design, wireframe, prototype, develop and launch a brand new site from the ground up.

The Hamilton based Launch Agency team
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