Content Creation

Our creatives excel within their respective creative fields, from photography and videography to graphic design within branding, website, motion and more! It’s not all about creating the prettiest look on the market, but strategically finding ways to not only be aesthetically pleasing but also be a clever point of difference between you and your competitors. Something fresh, modern and creative is sure to wow newcomers within your industry and set the standard high. We’ll sit with you to map out exactly how this creation should look for both you and your team in a way that seems effortless but leaves it looking timeless. No task is too big or too small, our team works together alongside you to bring your content creation – however that may look – to life.



Our photographers specialise in all areas of photography including advertising content, product shoots, food, ecommerce, lifestyle and sport. Whatever you need captured, we’ve got you covered.


Much the same here, our videographers specialise in an immense amount of video content creation covering areas such as motorsport, real estate, ecommerce, food and sport.

Graphic Design

Our designers can work with the full range of your brand’s roll-out to create a variety of content related visual elements. Using text, graphics, animations, illustrations, layout and hierarchy to deliver visual messages through your creative needs.

The Hamilton based Launch Agency team
Jamie our head of marketing
Helene, Fernanda and Brodie on location


The Launch Team out for a team event
The content creation team on set at Mavis & Co
The content creation team on set with a client