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Nothing added, nothing taken away. Kaipaki Diaries are revolutionising the dairy industry with their sustainable business model. They are committed to providing the freshest, tastiest milk in New Zealand, while also eliminating the plastic waste. When the milk arrives from the farm, it is pasteurised and bottled. That’s it! This simple, yet effective process is what ensures the milk is of premium quality. They have established a fully reusable glass swap-a-bottle system, where empty bottles are cleaned and reused instead of thrown away. Their milk taps are just as successful! Providing cafes the opportunity to move away from plastic bottles. Legen-dairy socials

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The evolution of Kaipaki Dairies

Brand storytelling has been a pivotal component for the early success of the Kaipaki Brand which is centred around two core values - quality and sustainability. We began working with Kaipaki Dairies at the very beginning of the business and knew that with the right content we could showcase the companies values, goals, people and story in a creative way.

Our first phase goal was to introduce the brand to the region and also promote the tap system for cafe owners and the public. We wanted to people to feel that they were drinking quality and also doing their bit to save the environment. We did this by having a heavy emphasis on the farms story , the zero waste tap system, and the brands positive impact on the environment. This worked very well and through a vigorous social media organic strategy the brand began getting traction with local cafe owners and the Waikato public.

We have just started implementing the second phase into the brands content strategy for the glass bottles and staffroom delivery. The addition of the glass bottles and moving into a B2C market has meant that the social media strategy and content strategy needs to evolve as well to gain traction and drive sales. Our primary focus has been to maintain the very high level of content and transition into value-added content such as recipes and food preparation photos/videos so that it relates to peoples everyday food habits.

Legen-dairy socials

When we visited the Kaipaki farm, we knew they had a story to tell. The goal for their social media strategy was to build brand awareness by sharing this story. Our social media management team works closely with Kaipaki Dairies to provide a social media strategy that is both visually appealing and informative. Their social media strategy expands across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. Our social media team uses a variety of media types on these platforms, including photos, graphics, and short-form videos. Ensuring that their audience knows where to find them and what they are all about!

Design of the Dairies

The goal for Kaipaki's design was to not only re-direct their entire brand strategy but also take over completely by creating kick-ass design collateral across all walks of their business. Starting with the re-design and illustration touch-up on the face of the logo, 'Duchee' farmer Pauls favourite cow. By adding in unique features of Duchee this gave Kaipaki the personalised push they were after in order to round out the visual aesthetic and push forward in all areas. From here–working closely alongside the Kaipaki team–we create everything from the truck wrap design, business delivery posters, supermarket pull-up banners, signs, social media tiles, you name it! With well executed design, we are able to not only create work they can be proud to represent their brand visually, but also provide clear hierarchical points of information effectively. To ensure both the consumer and the supplier know exactly how the Kaipaki difference works!

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