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The Mavis and Co cafes that expand across two locations, are well-known favourites here in Hamilton. The original Hamilton East location specialises in delicious sweet and savoury cabinet food, baked on-site. The newer location in Rototuna offers a full menu, alongside cabinet treats that come fresh from the Hamilton East location.

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Our goal with Mavis & Co is to drive foot traffic into both the Hamilton East and Rototuna cafes via social media organic posting. All of the content captured for the brand is captured in a way that will have the best chance at gaining traction on social media and be shown to a lot of people locally via short form videos (Instagram Reels and TikTok). This means that the content needs to be short and capture the viewers attention within the first few seconds. This has been executed extremely well by the team with a 2,000% increase in engagement in the first month of working with Mavis & Co

Mavis and Co owner, Chace, wanted each location’s social media account to reflect their individual vibes; Hamilton East as bright and vibrant, and Rototuna as vintage and rustic. Our Social Media Management team employed strategies that execute this on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, while still communicating the overall Mavis and Co brand.

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